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AirGrub is a FREE app that allows users to choose and then pay for food from restaurants that are nearest them when flying.

There is no mark up on the restaurant prices, the app download will give you some peace of mind (and a fully tummy) in the busy airport environment. Why wouldn’t you download and pre-order for your next flight now?

Where are you headed?

San Francisco International Airport SFO food_Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco - SFO

Terminal 1

  • Perry’s Restaurant
  • Perry’s Grab N Go

Terminal 2

  • Napa Farms Market
  • Andale Mexican Restaurant

Terminal 3

  • 2 Klein’s Deli locations
  • Andale Mexican Restaurant
  • Yankee Pier
  • S.F. SoupCo

International G

  • Andale Mexican Restaurant
Boston Logan International Airport_ Boston Location Building

Boston - BOS

Terminal A and Terminal A Satellite

  • Friendly’s
  • Fresh City
  • Market Fresh Kitchen

Terminal C and E

  • Burger King

Terminal C

  • GoGo Stop
Air Travel App_Sunny Sky Airplane

New York - JFK

JetBlue Terminal (T5)

  • Bar Veloce

Terminal 8

  • Bobby Van’s Steakhouse

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Order, Grab and Fly!


  • “Saved me today. Airport was crazy!”

  • “Walked up was handed my food and walked out with my toasted arugula bagel, water bottle and hummus plate within minutes”

  • “AirGrub is the way to go! I don’t have to wait in lines wasting break time. I schedule and then it’s ready when I get there!”

    -Tim McClain Employee
  • "I just enjoyed my first airgrub meal!  I thought the experience was good, easy to order and easy to pickup.
      I see the service working especially well for regular commuters.  I don't fly to Boston that often so I ordered at a time when I felt confident I would be there but then arrived early.  They were good, they sped up my order, and I ate before flying, which I prefer. "